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Ant Belle is a non-binary Camera and Lighting assistant based in London. Their photography comprise bold, cinematic visuals that platform marginalised voices with dignity, authenticity and empathy. They are an alumnus of Adidas London and GUAP Magazine's Originals Creative Network and was the Director of Photography's mentee on Block 2 of Season 3 of Netflix's Top Boy. Ant is proficient in both analog and digital camera formats, including lacing & loading both 16mm & 35mm cameras and magazines, as well as a wide range of digital cinema cameras.

Previous Clients include:
BBC Studios
The US Embassy in London
The London LGBTQ+ Centre
Penguin Random House
Adidas Originals
GUAP Magazine
PlantBased News
Getty Images

Camera Formats
ARRI (Alexa 35, Alexa Classic, Mini, Mini LF, Amira, SR3, 235, 435, ST & LT)
Panaflex (Millenium & XL2)
RED (Komodo 6K, Weapon 8K Monstro, Gemini, V-Raptor)
SONY (a7siii, FX6, FX9, Venice)
Canon (C70, C300)

Video Skills
Vaxis + Teradek (Tx/Rx)
Teradek Link (Tx/Rx), Serv Pro + VUER
ATOMOS Ninja & Shogun
Hardwiring Monitor Setups - SmallHD, TVLogic, SONY 5"-24"
Rigging + running feeds, interior + exteriors 
Video Village + Wireless Monitors (Bolt 703, Cine7 etc)

Tungsten & HMI Lamps (ARRI, Dedolight, Briese)
Point Source LED (Amaran, Aputure, ARRI, Godox)
LED Panels (Skypanels, Vortex, Flex panels)
Practical b7c & NYX bulbs
Egg crates, Diffusion, Neg, Gels, Scrims
Book lighting, 3 point studio setup, 

Additional Experience
16mm & 35mm Film Familiarisation - NFTS Short Course
1st & 2nd AC - Short Films, Passion Projects
Languages - English, French (B1), Spanish (A2)
Editing & Grading (Adobe Premiere Pro + DaVinci Resolve)
DIT (Silverstack, o/Parashoot)

BTS & Stills
Bespoke Portrait Sessions
Engagement Photography
Gigs, Festivals, Concerts

CV available on request.


responses given within 48 hours

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